CSC Singular Vision, Simple Solutions.


Visual Tour: AppMinistrator

Crompton Systems Visual tours are designed to give potential users the ability to familairize themselves with the system without ever using the software. If you like what you see in the visual tours u can request a free demo of our software below.


Intuitive System-Wide Toolbars



Our toolbars are simple to use, and easy to learn making navigation through 24KTNET effortless.


Roldex Master Management


Personalize Shortcut toolbar with custom icons.


Toolbar allows user to create shortcuts to their frequently used sections of 24KTNET, along with custom images which can also be defined by the user.

  All vital information is stored in one place for immediate access and simplified updating.





Our triple-grid system makes it easy to set parameters for access, security and program preferences.


Uniform Background Selection

At-A-Glance Administrator

  All applications divided into basic levels Transactions/ Reports/ Maintenance / Utilities.

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