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Q. How many years has your company been in this business?

A. Crompton Systems Corporation was incorporated in 1994. Some of our employees have been in the software development business for 25 or more years.
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Q. Can your products be leased?

A. We have a wholly owned leasing subsidiary that provides leasing for our products and related items. Usually those are short term (18-24 month) with a very competitive market rates. Please call for the most current rates. (Back to the Top)

Q. Do you participate in industry events and gatherings (JCK, MJSA, JA, etc?)

A. We have been participating in many industry shows and gatherings, many times as guests, speakers and participants. Please call our main office to get the most recent events list. (Back to the Top)

Q. Do you have a demo CD?

A. We have a demonstration CD. It contains a fully functional system, with fully populated database. It can be operated as a standalone with most of the functionality of a real system. It has a total limit of 10,000 records, which can be extended by deleting old obsolete records. (Back to the Top)

Q. Are your systems made for small businesses or large-size outfits?

A. The size of the business is immaterial to the operation of the system. What is important is the amount of information that is required to operate on effective and economical manner. (Back to the Top)

Q. Do you provide users with training?

A. We provide several levels of training. On-site training is available by request and prior arrangement. We have a very detailed user manual that describes all functions of our system. The manual is available electronically or in printed form. Users are encouraged to e-mail questions and clarifications. Subscribers to our technical support and update service can receive phone training. (Back to the Top)

Q. Do you have any training literature?

A. A detailed and professional user manual is provided with the purchased system. (Back to the Top)

Q. If I switch from my old system to one of your systems, will I lose any data?

A. Generally as a part of system installation we provide complete current data transfer. Most of the time we are able to preserve historical data as well, depending on the consistency of historical data. (Back to the Top)

Q. Do provide your customers with hardware and networking?

A. We are a full service company. Our expertise encompasses all facets of the information processing business. We can configure, install, support and maintain all components of your information system from wiring all the way to Internet websites and e-commerce. (Back to the Top)

Q. You mentioned that your tech support includes computer-to-computer high-speed support. How does it work?

A. We have a T1 line (High speed, high volume) coming into our office. With your permission and proper configuration, we can access any of your computer gear without physically coming to your office. Most of computer problems can be resolved this way. (Back to the Top)

Q. What is the warranty on your products?

A. Our standard warranty is 90 days. When you subscribe to our technical service, your system is updated continuously and the updates are warranted as well. Thus you have continuous warranty on your system. (Back to the Top)

Q. Do you update your customers with the most recent versions of your systems?

A. When you subscribe to our technical service, your system is updated continuously and the updates are warranted as well. Thus you have continuous warranty on your system. (Back to the Top)

Q. Is it true that you may add additional components however specific they could be?

A. Our system is completely customizable. We can add and modify any component that is beneficial to the customer. (Back to the Top)

Q. I take my laptop to different events to enter sales data, run invoices, and other financial documents. Then, I have to retype everything in our in-house system. How does your software handle that?

A. We have a synchronization capability between portable and office system. Following synchronization procedures, the office system will process and update transactions from the portable system and update the portable unit with the most recent pertinent data. (Back to the Top)

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