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24ktNET is going Online!
The newest *NET (Star Net) software now provides total "Cloud Computing" integration!

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24ktNET is moving forward!
We expanded our hosting and design capabilities. If you find any irregularities on our website please contact us!





We develop, manufacture, distribute, market, support and service business application software. We assist our customers with information infrastructure that helps our customers to handle, manage, and expand their business and information manage ment. We also offer data conversion, implementation and training services.

Our purpose is to be the leader in technology adoption by customers who otherwise will have no access or technical wherewithal to take advantage of the tools afforded by information systems. We achieve this purpose by providing integrated systems that handle information in transparent and non-threatening way.

At Crompton Systems Corporations we pride ourselves on our ability to create systems that cannot be compromised by a single component failure, allowing our system to maintain its integrity in the unpleasant event of components failure.

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Crompton Systems has the best technical support around!
-Sandy Lewis (Microsoft Developer)

The Conversion, Installation, and Training was all done flawlessly! I was very impressed.
-Allen West (A. West Jewlers)

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