CSC Singular Vision, Simple Solutions.


Sample Reports:

-Accounts Receivable
-Accounts Payable
-Payroll / HR
-General Ledger

Shipments / OI
-Orders / Shipments -Inventory


Visual Tour

Please take couple of minutes to visit our Visual Tour. This sequence of screens will provide you with the "look and feel" of our 24ktNET system and many of the subsystems that comprise it. The forms are very intuitive and consistant. They provide you with the safety and versatility to accomplish the tasks at hand. You can see how many areas include notes and comments. This enables you to navigate through the system, locate items that escaped your memory. Please note that images and pictures are an integral part of the system. This enables you integrate your images into your customer documents, quotes and catalogs. The ease of exporting your information to the Web, will take your breath away. Real life provides challeneges and surprises, events and people tend to change their minds. We have an unique approach to error correction, with many areas having the "undo" button, that will help you to correct, but not to forget.


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