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Support Options:

Crompton Systems Corporation is proud of its technical support team! If you decide to choose us as you computer software provider, you will enjoy our outstanding technical support. We are always available to answer our customers' questions and we always try our best to help our customers as quickly as possible!

It is proven that in a modern world location does not play a crucial role in providing customer support. Using Internet connectivity tools, such as PCanywhere, we are able to access our customers' computers momentarily regardless of location! Besides, we have a telephone support with a hotline option, and an e-mail support center. Moreover, because we have representatives throughout the country, we can provide our customers with an on-site support, if needed.

Our packaged software comes with a warranty. The terms of that warranty are provided with the sale documentation for the specific system. Several options are available to provide additional support after expiry of the warranty. Our support comes in a variety of flexible plans. Below, you can find some of the plans that are available:

Regular Maintenance:
The plan covers technical assistance, including phone, e-mails, computer-to-computer login, software updates, availability for custom work at discounted price, and certain aspects of training. This plan is paid monthly. The amount of monthly payment is pre-established and is the same regardless of using the plan.

Prepaid Blocks of Time:
A customer purchases blocks of time. Every time our support was used or any custom work was performed, the customer's account is debited with corresponding number of minutes. Once the minutes are completely used, the customer is to refill his account.

We have many other support options. We are very flexible and will be more than happy to work out the technical support terms with our customers. Customer's absolute satisfaction with our software and technical support is our goal in relationships with our customers!






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